MARCH 2019






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Alexey Antonuk

General Manager CJSC “Gazprombank Asset Management”

Eddie Astanin

NSD, Chairman of the Executive Board

Muhterem Celik

Director, Custody, Takasbank, Turkey

Boris Cherkasskiy

INFINITUM Special Depository, Advisor to the Managing Director

Pavel Dengin

Expert Association of Life Insurance Companies

Dmitry Korshunov

Head of Projects, The Eurasian Development Bank

Jabcob Mirkin

Head of International Capital Markets Department, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and international relations (IMEMO)

Sergei Negodyaev

Investment Portfolio Manager, Internet-Initiatives Development Fund

Pavel Prass

INFINITUM Special Depository, Managing Director

Anton Shpilev

GAZFOND Pension Savings, First Deputy General Manager

Alexey Timofeev

President, NAUFOR

Georgiy Vaschenko

IC Freedom Finance LLC, Head of Operations at the Russian Stock Market

Mr. Prashant Vagal

Senior Vice President, National Securities Depository Limited

Leslie (J.H) Park

Head of Fund Planning, Korea Securities Depository

Artem Zheleznov

Head of Strategic Development Division, Strategy

Jan Barre

Jan Barre Vice President - Business Development - Investment Funds Services chez Clearstream Banking S.A.

Maria Krasnova

NSD, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board

Sergey Bernevega

Managing Director for Corporate Information, NSD

Tilman Fechter

Member of the Executive Board of Clearstream Banking SA

Mohamed M'Rabti

Deputy Head FundsPlace, Head of FundSettle and ETFs, Euroclear SA/NV

Ruslan Smirnov

Levon Klekchyan

, Business Administrator, NASDAQ OMX Armenia


The annual international dialogue forum is an information and practice platform oriented to create a better environment for cooperation, sharing experience and searching for mutual interests for collaboration between participants of collective investment markets, leading representatives of financial institutions, infrastructure organizations and public authorities taking strategic decisions in the AECSD countries.

The target audience of the event are participants of the Russian collective investment market and representatives of banks, insurance companies and brokers. Foreign representatives of international associations, fund administrators, managers of companies, custodians and participants of financial markets of the AECSD countries, Europe and Asia are also invited.
It is the second International dialogue forum “COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT MARKETS IN THE AECSD COUNTRIES” to be conducted in 2019. This year, the program is focused on the Digital Investment and Marketplaces.
The key issues to discuss on our platform are:
  • - Development of financial technologies and online distribution on collective investment markets according to new conditions. Orientation to mass consumer
  • - Distribution channels. Marketplaces as regional and global platforms. International practices and cases. Alternative platforms and online supermarkets
  • - Cross-platform decisions and aggregators
  • - New instruments and services - “digital investment reboot”, investment consulting services (robo-advising and artificial intelligence)
  • - CIM development prospects on adjacent markets, alternative investment tools
  • - CIM regulation while adopting advanced financial technologies. Influence of the Eurasian integration on the development of the investment environment between the countries

We are seeking partnerships with information resources and print media. Send your offers and learn more about the terms of the partnership agreement from the event organizers using the following e-mail address:

We invite media representatives to participate in the dialogue-forum.

We are open to cooperation with all types of mass media and we are looking forward to your participation. For the event accreditation, please complete the registration form below.

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